You promote apartments online but your site doesn't work?

Maybe "" is useless

when customers search for "Apartments in Plaka" ...

This project offers the solution to show your apartment on the front pages, forever  

and, only now, the job opportunity to manage in your area a marketplace for apartments unique on the web.

Welcome to 

Greece & Cyprus

1.8 Bln websites, increasing by +10% every year, 

vs. 10 results per page on Google search since ever.

Visibility on the net is a struggle for survival, 

and it makes SEO increasingly demanding and expensive. uses the rules 

to break the game. :

 visible when they look for you !

Welcome to!

The global network of local marketplaces
created to promote your apartments
to tourists and investors from all over the world.

A "No Brand" organization
for better promoting your brands.

The showcase to have your commercial proposals
exposed on the first page, on all search engines.

Welcome to a world
where customers are the ones who look for us!

"No Frills SEO" is almost ready, soon we start ! 

What we can do for you

Do you want to promote your apartments 
on the web, always on the first page, 
on every search engine?

  • Contact us to book the best spaces on your city site
  • We will just be your magnifying glass on the world
  • You will always manage your apartments, as you know how to do
  • Read on for project details
  • If you want to understand the proposals visit our H.Q.
  • Remember that we are still preparing to start

Are you wasting huge sums on the SEO 
of your site with no results?

  • As in a Mall, the spaces are at your disposal
  • Create your own image on your city site
  • We see ourselves as a big family with a common vision, 

       determined to use passion and skills to make a difference...

Do you manage a number of apartments in different locations and would you like to see them all proposed in their best way online?

  • We cover Greece with more than 40 sites, which you can see listed below
  • You can have a presence on one or more sites, even on all of them,  with banners or boxes, always redirecting to your site

Do you have to promote one or more activities in a tourist place and you don't know how to target only interested customers?

Apartments are always located in a community
We have spaces dedicated to the promotion of events, 
activities, and F&B. 
Take a look at our Mall # 0 and find out how we are organized;
you will find everything here below. 

Do you love your region and would like to start an activity by promoting it online from home and welcoming visitors?

 We are looking for local managers to manage the local sites
Passion and excellent English are essential
Find more detailed explanations further on and on the H.Q. site.

Do you want to invest by funding a revolutionary project?

 Investing in this project can be a great opportunity,
that requires an out-of-the-box vision.
We are always available to illustrate our Business Plan
and we also evaluate the most daring proposals. 

Do you want to see our model site?
Here below you can access our e-Mall # 0

 Once we start, we will have more than 40 active sites
 (the list below);
all :,  covering all of Greece and Cyprus;
identical in their structure but each one dedicated, customized, 
and with a Local Manager in charge. 

How it works

Our e-existence 

is a matter of SEO, isn't it ?

With any sitename.anyTLD, 
e.g.,, , 
to look for new customers or visitors you have to invest in your e-visibility.
Promoting your brand and making it matching 
with what customers need is the first and the hardest task 
when you launch your e-activity and every single day of your e-existence.

Investing in Search Engine Optimisation is fundamental, 
and more and more demanding, in terms of money, energies and creativity;
competition is harder and harder and the risk of disappearing 
from the first page of the searches is always the worst threat.

No Frills SEO

SEO the other way around

On the web there are few exceptions to these rules:
to use the most powerful one
to tackle the SEO problem the other way around
we have decided to disappear as a brand

we exist just as :   WHERE.what  =

Customers looking for apartments in a city
will certainly start by searching "apartments" in that "city",
and SEO algorithms will start listing their proposals
from the cleanest result:
First page. Forever.

"Customers are not looking for us, but for what we offer!" 
is a global network
of local portals,

all ""

covering all Greece

Each site will be the portal of a specific territory,
the online showcase for those who promote and propose
its apartments, both for tourist use 
and for the real estate market.

In promoting those apartments,
we will also promote the activities
that make that territory unique and valuable

Our project

The others...

People usually use 
a site "" 
for promoting their specific product,
their real estate agency, 
or even their own B&B; 

so the potential of this extension 
for promoting the global value 
of this unique pairing
is largely wasted.

Our Project B2C
(a Mall attracts visitors)

city . apartments     where+what 
this combination
will select the quality of visitors, automatically and in advance, 
bringing all e-customers 
interested in apartments  to the portal,

whatever the reason, wherever their location

By gathering here the 
of the most important locations in Greece,

anybody who is interested in apartments both for tourism or for real estate opportunities, will land here.

Welcome to the most valuable 
Greek Real Estate e-Mall  !
We are almost ready to open.

Our Project  B2B  
(a Mall sells space)

We will sell our spaces
to all those who promote apartments
and everything related to local activities
in that area.
Being present on our sites 
will eliminate your SEO expenses, 
with the certainty that exposure is guaranteed. 

e-Mall #0

And here's to you 
our pilot site 

for the project

 Each site, after an introductory home page,
is divided into three parts: Real Estate, Holidays, and a Blog.
The whole site is multilingual
with the aim of providing increasingly accurate translations,
also with the help of the managers of the sister sites that will be created.

To receive the password to enter,
registration will be required, 
both in the real estate and in holidays sections.
This will allow the site manager to contact visitors,
For the pilot site, we give you here now 
the two access passwords: real@2021 and holi@2021.

All commercial spaces (empty here) are available
for local, regional, or global agreements,
according to the terms explained below.   

Here our great and unique marketplaces for Greece & Cyprus ! 

(these 40 + 5 are all .apartments  owned sites) 


Hellas , ATH ,  Plaka , Attica , Euboea , Crete , Chania , Knossos , Rethimno ,

Thessaloniki , Athos ,  Volos , Delphi , Corinth , Peloponnese , Patras , Olympia , Sparta ,

Aegean , Cyclades , Dodecanese , Sporades, Lefkada , Santorini , Thira , Patmos , Samos , 

Lesbos , Mytilene , Naxos , Paros , Rhodes , Kos , Mykonos , Mikonos ,

Karpathos , Zakynthos , Cephalonia ,   Griechische , Griechenland 


Cipro , Zypern , 

Nicosia , Larnaca , Famagusta 

Καλως ήρθατε εδώ

Hellas .apartments

part of,

the greatest e-project in real estate 

and tourism hospitality !

We globally promote the apartments 

of any local community in Greece.

We globally promote 

any local community in Greece 

 through their apartments.

(Work in progress , we will be ready soon !) 

Keep calm 


be patient, please  !

If you contact us, prepare your proposal 
and be ready to wait for a while.
We are receiving different offers  
for "setting and customizing the shop".

Once acknowledged the contact, 
we have decided not to answer immediately,
collect all the data and ponder a bit.

We feel that we are quite a unique product;
if you share our opinion, 
we rely upon your understanding.


How does work?

The following are descriptive sections of the project.
They are extensions of the concepts already expressed, for those who want to deepen their implementation.
For the same purpose, we have created the central site, H.Q., in English.

To all the other visitors we want to say: "Thanks for your attention & See you soon !"

GLocal : Think Globally, act Locally. 

Our business is GLocal, our future is GLocal, 

our partners are GLocal, our customers are GLocal.

Our mission is to serve
our global customers, 

helping them to take the best 
from our local communities,

and helping our local providers 
to open to the global market,
entering the future 
with the best of our past 
and traditions.

Our mission is
bridging the gap 
due to the languages 
and to the fact that 
many masterpieces  
are covered by the dust 
of stereotypical clichés, 
by the lack of communication, 
and by the difficulties 
of tackling an 
unknow bureaucracy.

50% of the time in the Global, 
on the social media
with our future customers.
50% Local, on field, knowing partners, structures,
guests and clients.

Our goal 
with our customers 
is to say 
"welcome back!"

It means 
making our guests thinking of maybe coming back 
for their next vacation

and having the investors contacting us 
for a second bargain 
or for introducing a friend to us.

It means reliability, transparency, and professionalism.

Last, but not least (at all!) 
it means to live and love 
the territory, 
to know the persons, 
the tradition, 
and the organizations 
from one side, 

but also to speak fluent English and at least one more language, being masters in communication and in new technologies.

That's why our B2B sites , like this one, are not translated in any other language.

Do you want to manage
one of our e-shops
in a Greek
location ?

You have to live in it, 
and you have to love it.

You will propose
the local partners 
to be proposed 
to our global customers,

knowing them 
and their portfolios 
personally and in advance.

Fluent English 
and a decent second language 
are required 
along with a good knowledge 
of communication 
tools and media.

Last but not least, 
professionalism and passion.

We know we are looking 
for unique people, 
that’s why we offer 
a unique opportunity !

Do you want to enter 
a partnership ?

We ask you 
fluent English (at least), 
service attitude, 
the effective use of some communication tool, 
fairness, and reliability.

We commit 
to grant for you 
as if you were part of our team 
and to support you 
with all our communication tools and with our own face 
every time 
we introduce a new customer.

You could be present 
in these e-shops

When we open, 
we will display the best offers 
related to the very specific 
location covered by the e-shop

Our sites will propose and handle two separate sections, 
merging only into the Local Blog, focussed on the whole aspects of the area:

one section for tourists and one for real estate investors, providing both with multilingual market analysis, local information, and constant update on the related topics

You know the value 
of  ".apartments" on the web 
and also the value of 
anywhere else in the world; 
put them together and you will multiply the value...

and now, multiply by thirty !

An innovative e-project, 

definitely out of the box !

Our story

is an odd story

extremely unusual

but very interesting 

and it has just begun ...

Sit down and listen carefully ...

Our e-existence is a matter of SEO, isn't it ?

We will not sell apartments, 

we will provide 

and reliability .

we want to be the funnel connecting 
the world to the spot, 
trustfully and professionally. 

You could be present in these e-shops

When we open, 
we will display the best offers in that very specific place, 
from the major locations like Plaka or Mykonos
to important towns through all the country 
from Thessaloniki to Corinth, and from Chania  to Patras, 
closing with the most "Greece sounding" names,  like Hellas or Olympia.
More than twenty specific e-shops are going to be open soon 
in this great Greek Estate e-Mall

Would you like to display your offer in our e-shops ?

Would you like to have a dedicated corner in one or more e-shops ?

Would you like to manage the e-shop of the city where you live in ?

          Contact us and apply

You may also decide to take the chance, fund the project and enter the venture. 
(We need arms and ammunition, we do not need more captains!)

Book your e-shop windows in advance, now !
In one or more e-shops, even everywhere.

Be the first and choose 
how to display your value to the visitors !

Build up your personal corner !

We are waiting for any proposal to be discussed,
now, before the opening.
Once open, 
creative projects will be much more difficult
and previous agreements 
may force us to say "sorry!"

Don't miss the occasion !

We are getting ready 

to reach the top !

Create the perfect product takes time

In between, we use temporary sites like this one

pricing and strategies are yet to be defined in detail

Partners, internal and external, 

are not assessed yet...

and capitals are welcome.